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About TSD Global

Established in 1989, TSD Global a 100% subsidiary of Movate Inc, has a worldwide presence with contact centers located in the U.S., Philippines, South Africa and a planned site in Central America. Each center features state-of-the-art multi-channel contact center technology. The company manages customer support and sales campaigns on behalf of some of the world’s largest companies.

Our Mission


We Have Locations In

The United States of America


The Philippines


South Africa


We’re here to improve the quality sales and customer experience. In today’s digital, instant, and connected world of abundant information, consumers won’t stand for the automated or single-channel support of yesteryear. They expect a unified, omni-channel engagement with the brands that they love regardless of where they interact, and it’s made communication exponentially more challenging.

‍Our mission is to help brands not only meet this challenge but to exceed it. We meet your channel-hopping customers everywhere they live, play, and work to provide the thoughtful, personalized interactions that resolve issues, build trust, and remove all the obstacles to help them truly love your brand. Care of this sort is the true key to customer success and growth. We should know, after all – for nearly 30 years, we’ve been helping clients improve their brand by building highly successful inbound customer service teams to support their products and services.

To provide sales, customer service and back-office services to our clients as an extension of their businesses, providing value, integrity, and expertise.

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Our Leadership

Our management is typically hired from within from our growing pool of talent across the globe. Our typical manager has 10-15 years+ experience running contact center operations and/or technology.


Anthony Vesho


John Billington

Chief Information Officer

Matt Miller

Chief Financial Officer

Steve Lair

Chief Admin. Officer

Adam Bennett

VP of Recruiting

Ann Marie Ebersole

VP of Client Services

Nick Holmes

Head of PH Operations

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Highly Effective People

Technologies may change but our core advantage doesn’t: We attract and empower highly effective people. We know that today’s consumers demand a more integrated and human experience. That’s why we pre-select our agents from among the best and develop them throughout their career so that they can learn to nimbly navigate complex customer relationships to resolve issues, overcome objections, and self-organize into agile support teams dedicated to each client. Good people, when gathered, lead to great results. 


Global Everything

Today’s world of digital commerce is an increasingly borderless one and yet companies everywhere still face insurmountable hurdles in establishing themselves overseas.With domestic and offshore locations, we’re uniquely situated and highly experienced in global business process outsourcing and can help you accelerate your expansion and reduce risk.


Technology Experts

Because we specialize in our people above all else, it doesn’t matter what technologies you use: we either know or can learn them all.Our agents are skilled in the most common ticketing systems, CRMs, and chat systems, and have learned hundreds of lesser common or proprietary systems in building out support organizations for major clients. This also allows us to collect data on every facet of your customer’s journey in order to optimize and deliver an experience tailored to surprise and delight them.

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