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Customer Support Outsourcing For Your E-Commerce Business

It’s no secret that e-commerce is booming. Is your customer support infrastructure ready to ride the wave of growth? Whether it’s 100% online or a mix of other channels, it has to be ready to meet customers where they are. Customer service outsourcing can help your e-commerce operation scale beyond its current scope.

Your customer support outsourcing partner can manage the daily interactions and details of managing customer relationships. Having people assigned and accountable for talking with customers ensures those interactions are positive. Outsourcing can help turn first-time buyers into repeat customers.

People who shop online tend to look for customer support in the digital arena. In addition to a standard phone support center, it’s essential to staff for email and live chat as well. Look for a customer experience outsourcing partner that has the ability to integrate with your customer database, support ticket system, and other mission-critical applications. With a contact center that integrates customer support data, you gain insight into common customer issues and the most successful resolutions.

Outsourcing these processes eliminates the investment in infrastructure and staffing, yet allow you to deliver a professional quality customer experience as your enterprise continues to scale.

With customer support outsourcing, retailers and e-commerce companies can get closer to their customers, reinforce customer loyalty and build brand loyalty.

Outsourcing call center services operate 24/7, so you can extend your customer service hours around the clock. Wall-to-wall availability is important as customer comfort with digital interaction grows. People expect to be able to chat or email with someone who can solve their problem regardless of the time zone they’re in.

The call center is designed to scale up to handle overflow calls during peak business periods. The call center can scale according to seasonal call volumes. Many retailers add inbound call center support staff during the fourth quarter and reduce staff during the rest of the year. The outsourced staffing model provides elastic staffing resources, saving you the overhead of hiring and laying off employees.

A strategic inbound call center programs will capitalize on your investment in advertising, public relations, social media and SEO by putting a voice to your brand. Agents are trained to represent the company’s image as if they were employees. The customer experience should be consistent across all channels.

Outsourcing your customer support will help support your brand experience by allowing your company to focus on core competencies and turning customer service over the to the experts. Your partner can help you develop and maintain the personal touch, no matter how big your customer base grows

Given the competitive nature of the retail and e-commerce industry, customer service standards continue to rise while operating margins shrink. One way to win is with superior customer service.

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Patty Lam
Patty Lam
Apr 25, 2021

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