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How A Restaurant Call Center Can Boost Your Bottom Line and Make Life Easier

It’s your daily headache. A customer complains because his call-in order was botched. Again! The new girl taking orders over the phone didn’t even know egg rolls aren’t on the menu. The number of customers calling orders in over the phone or internet has skyrocketed in recent years and honestly, your restaurant hasn’t done the world’s greatest job of making it work.

It’s simply been overwhelming and no one is quite sure how to accommodate this increasingly common customer habit. Your wait staff is usually busy and stressed out enough taking care of in-house customers. Stopping to take a phone order can really slow things down.

You can’t hire somebody just to take phone orders; that’s not practical.

If that sounds like your restaurant, then perhaps a restaurant call center would be something to consider.

WHAT IS A RESTAURANT CALL CENTER? In short, a restaurant call center is a practical, easy-to-implement service that can not only improve your guest experience, throughput, which of course all leads to increased customer satisfaction; but a restaurant call center is actually a must-have service that can actually increase your overall profits.

Far from being a drain on your budget, a quality restaurant call will add to your bottom line.

That might sound a bit difficult to believe at first but picture this. The person who answers your customer’s call not only knows your menu like the back of their hand, and of course they’ve got a copy in front of them, but they have been trained to upsell.

An apple pie would be mighty tasty with that chicken and sides family pack, don’t you think? A friendly suggestion from the call center rep is just the thing to increase sales and make the whole call-in dining experience run smoothly and be more fun for everybody.

Up-sells in the restaurant industry have been shown to increase the bottom line by a whopping ten to eighteen percent.

A quality restaurant call center is an investment in growth and profitability for your restaurant.

A well-run restaurant call center is an investment in quality customer service, which we all know is KING in the restaurant industry. Some of our long-term customers don’t know how they ever got along without us.

HOW DOES A RESTAURANT CALL CENTER WORK? With today’s technology, our restaurant call centers integrate seamlessly into your existing system. Your customer will never know they actually left their hometown to place that burger order at their favorite restaurant down the street!

The instant our call center rep submits an order, it appears on your local system. Full, complete , accurate orders laid out in an easy-to-read format with all the important details upfront.

Our system is advanced enough to handle orders from all over the country. And we’re growing. Changing, and leading the industry to more successful future. Industry research predicts that the number of meals cooked outside the home will continue to rise as people continue struggling to find enough time in their lives. Who want to slave over a hot stove after a long day at the office? No one! So they call you. And we answer.

Growth in restaurant sales is always a hard-fought battle. Investing in a restaurant call center service can make your stress go down and your bottom line go up.

Order Solutions powered by TSD Global can streamline all of your restaurants phone orders so you can increase your sales while providing a world class guest experience.


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