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How A Restaurant Call Center Can Skyrocket Your Off-Premise Sales In 2019

Every restaurant executive or owner needs to innovate and leverage new technologies as consumer demands evolve and change. Order Solutions by TSD Global is a restaurant call center company that is  focused on providing a world-class customer experience for some of the largest and fastest growing restaurant chains in the world.

A restaurant call center changes the dynamics, creates a personal atmosphere for the customer, and is yielding large gains for restaurant chains in 2019. Order Solutions secret sauce is their up-selling process because through our scientific up-selling process we’ve been able to increase our clients average order size between 10-18% which has more than payed for our services while creating customers for life.

Once restaurant executives realize how many missed phone calls each one of their restaurant locations miss on an annual basis and how much lost revenue that adds up to their minds are completely blown.

On top of that when they see what happens once they partner with a restaurant call center that is strategically up-selling on every single phone order whether it be for catering or call-in and see how much their off premise revenue increases they can’t believe they waited this long to start outsourcing these functions.

Restaurant customers today now want to order their food on an omni-channel basis. That means they want to be able to oder online, call-in via the phone, and through an app.

Here are the 4  main reasons why restaurants should partner with a restaurant call center and why they are the perfect addition to every major restaurant chain. Top 4 Reasons to Implement a Restaurant Call Center Into Your 2019 Business Model:

  1. Order Solutions sales strategies have proven to add larger profits for restaurant owners; each call center agent has a monetary incentive to up-sell every customer that orders take-out or catering over the phone.

  2. Restaurant call center agents are equipped with noise-cancellation headsets and never miss one single call (oftentimes, customers may call into your restaurant and may receive a busy signal; our zero missed call policy sets us apart and helps owners by never missing a single sale).

  3. When you streamline separate divisions, your restaurant model will run a lot more efficiently. Your in-store employees will be able to focus on high-quality food and guest experience, while our professional call center agents focus on optimizing the take-out, catering, and call-in experience to increase daily profits.

  4. Every call center representative is trained by sales and customer support experts. We provide each agent with specific scripts; our tactics have enhanced many restaurants and their off-premise profit margins.

Restaurant executives who’s priorities are improving their  guest experience while increasing their off premise sales are seeing massive return on their investment both financially and with their customer retention.

If you are a restaurant executive and looking for a new way to increase your off-premise sales then be sure to follow our blog as our specialty is enlightening restaurant executives about the restaurant call center experience and its personalized perks.

Not only will owners benefit, but so will customer call-in orders; take-out guests no longer have to feel number two, compared to the guests that are dining in—every customer is number one. For more information regarding our up-selling techniques, give us a call or click here to learn more.


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