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How Restaurant Executives Can Make Their Company More Efficient In 2019

Fast casual, quick service, and full service restaurants are facing challenging times in 2019. Customers have become more demanding than ever before and want restaurants to cater their always changing needs. Restaurants recently have tried adapting to those needs by offering omni-channel customer experience and be able to handle orders via phone, online ordering, and in person. Restaurant executives at larger chains that have scaled to having over 200 restaurants are mainly focused on establishing more efficiencies across their organization.

As a restaurant executive in 2019, you must create better strategies from within. When you have an efficiently running restaurant your profitability greatly increases.

The motto for fast growing restaurants is work smarter and not harder. Executives now more than ever are focused on their employee experience and are now realizing if they take better care of their employees it will translate into a better guest experience.

If your employees at your restaurant feel overwhelmed or overworked this is when your turnover skyrockets. However if you find unique ways to improve their experience, you can save a great deal of money on labor costs and decrease your turnover significantly. When restaurant executives properly organize their restaurant operations; efficiency and profitability will increase quickly.

Strategy and organization are key, but keep in mind, the secret ingredient to any technique is knowledge; with this, comes change and upgrades.

Human’s crave a multitude of wants when it comes to restaurants; food, value, comfort and experience is most likely what you are looking for and so is the hungry person next to you.  Restaurant executives need to start focusing on innovating the employee and customer experience by allowing in-store employees to fully focus on dine-in customers while our TSD Global restaurant call center agents handle the phone and will guarantee to never miss one call, while up-selling ticket orders. The company has “increased our clients average order size between 8-18%.

Restaurants will be more efficient if they outsource to orders to a specialized restaurant call center.

When you add a zero missed call rate, on top of up-selling and cutting edge sales techniques, plus a better take-out experience, you will be expanding your market to a whole new set of demographics that are willing to pay for take-out services.

With better service, restaurant executives are bound to pull in regular customers; this new efficiency will optimize annual company ROI.

Streamlining departments to professionals who dedicate themselves to their specialty and to like-minded organizational missions always yield a good outcome.

In most cases, the results will be seen in numbers— the amount of guests and larger food ticket orders will prove to be a profitable investment well spent.

Restaurant executives who advance with TSD Global and our new restaurant call center division will witness restaurant operational efficiency.

Often times, in-store employees at large restaurants are not trained for phone sales and customer service support. 

At TSD Global, we have made it a point to enliven your customer experience by adding call center agents that up-sell and provide a welcoming and noise-free environment all while people call into your large restaurant.

An article on posts, “think of every action you undertake as producing data.” Tracking analytic phone data is imperative for company growth.

Just think about the efficiency your company will gain once you allow your in-store staff to concentrate on matters that are inside of the store rather than the ringing phone. The Bottom Line is that Restaurant Executives Need to Delegate Job Duties to Experts to Increase Efficiency

So, the question remains, why choose a restaurant call center? The answer is easy, when you leave job duties for the experts, ROI is increased.

Think of it this way, our TSD Global phone agents are incentivized to up-sell restaurant call-in orders; this strategy is aimed at increasing ticket orders and ensures better customer service.

Restaurant executives can expect a higher profit and regular and happy customers. The restaurant call center service practically pays for itself.

6 Top Reasons Restaurant Call Centers Benefit Executives and Customers:

  1. Noise-cancelling headphones—you will be able to hear the person on the other end with zero interruptions. No longer have trouble hearing or being heard with loud guests in the background. This means that the customer who is calling in will get full-on attention, which is necessary.

  2. Call center agents up-sell ticket orders; increase company profits.

  3. Zero calls go missed (Don’t miss a single sale).

  4. Exceptional customer service and restaurant ordering support.

  5. With cutting-edge market research and implementation we are able to provide restaurant executives with an 18% increased order size, 100% satisfaction, 75% customer retention, and we can guarantee that 60% of the up-selling orders are successful.

  6. When a customer calls into your establishment, our restaurant call center agents will make it a point to convince your customers they need a dessert item or another savory pick.

Give TSD Global a call or learn more about our restaurant division services by clicking here and start to create more efficiency within your company by outsourcing to the experts. 


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