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How To Scale A Startup Fast By Outsourcing

The Problem All Startups Face When Things Actually Go Right:

Problem #1: Startups Focus On Things That Don’t Scale

All Entrepreneurs have to work extremely hard to achieve product market fit and to actually get traction. You would think after they a startup finds their niche or blue ocean it would be off to the races and smooth sailing but unfortunately thats not the case. The startup starts to deal with an insane amount of customer service inquires and other back office tasks. The problem with this is it slows down the startups growth because they begin to focus on non core competencies. As Tony Robbins says, “where focus goes energy flows”. What tends to happen is that the startup starts trying to focus on customer care and back office support and the consequence is it takes away from developing their product or service which slows down their growth.

Problem #2: Customer Experience Takes A Back Seat

Now what also can happen to fast growing startups is that they continue to focus on growth because of intense expectations from venture capitalists and investors. As if they weren’t stressed out enough. So the company starts trying to keep up their hockey stick growth and an unpleasant customer experience starts to compound. For example when companies like Uber, Lyft, AirbNb, and Netflix started to get traction their customer inquires started to stack up because like any company stuff happens and people have bad experiences. The problem though is because there is no human staff available to handle a customer issue that customer goes online and complains and the customer stops using the product or service. One of the most important metrics for a startup is their daily active users and one of the fastest ways to kill your customer retention is with bad customer support.

Problem #3: Hiring Full Time People Can Burn Your Cash

One of the biggest challenges that a fast growing startup will go through is its recruiting and hiring process. In places like Silicon Valley or New York City it can be extremely expensive as well as competitive to attract top talent. This is one of the main reasons why companies like Google invest into expensive and amazing offices. It makes sense to hire top engineers, marketers, and salespeople. But a mistake a lot of first time entrepreneurs make is paying customer experience and reps doing back office work 70K per year plus salaries. This isn’t necessary to offer a world class customer experience and mainly burns the cash that you have worked so hard to raise.

How TSD Global Can Solve These Problems For You

TSD Global is an award winning customer experience and back office company that specializes in helping fast growing startups continue their hockey stick growth in the most cost effective way possible. TSD Global builds and manages dedicated outsourcing teams on behalf of some of the worlds most powerful brands like Citibank, Century Link, AT&T, SiriusXM, and many other fast growing companies. TSD Global has onshore, offshore, and nearshore capabilities depending on your outsourcing needs. For example with over 1.5 million apps in the app store and 90% of smartphone time spent in-app, providing in-app, mobile customer service is an increasingly relevant and important step in the overall customer experience. Meeting customers where they prefer to engage and making it as easy as possible to get help contributes to the satisfaction of the customer and thus, to a business’s overall health and success. We can build a team to help you with content moderation if you have a fast growing app. TSD Global can call all of your customers that need to change their picture on your online marketplace. We can build an inbound sales and outbound sales teams to close deals for your business. Our company can implement a complete omni-channel customer experience for your brand with , live chat, email, and phone support.

The Benefits You and Your Stakeholders Will See

By partnering with TSD Global your startup will see a cost savings from 30-60% compared to hiring internally in cities such as San Francisco or New York. Our client relationship managers will make it their life’s mission to increase your company’s CSAT scores and increase your customer retention.

With the saved cost savings that you will get when you work with us you can reinvest those savings into your company that will be instrumental in your growth rate as well as valuation.

TSD Global is a unique BPO or business process outsourcing company because we have a global presence but under 2,000 agents in our stable so we are known as a boutique company in our space. Our entire senior management team is involved with our client’s projects from our CEO to our agents.


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