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Restaurant Executives are Profiting and Performing Better in 2019 With Efficient Outsourcing

TSD Global increases restaurant takeout orders by 18%.Owning a restaurant can be a tough business, especially if you are not utilizing modern-day practices that have proven to improve profits and performance. As a restaurant executive, you will need to implement strategies that are not just efficient for you, but effective for your customers.

These days, people are busier than ever and want to call-in to a restaurant to order takeout, but they also want a professional and personalized experience; if this is not given to customers, they will go somewhere else, perhaps to a restaurant that offers the type of service that they yearn for.

Don’t steer your food customers away by allowing your in-store employees to disregard your customers that are calling in. Take better care of the customers who are inside of your store and outside of it.

All of your customers, no matter if they are calling in or dining at your location deserve top-standard and quality care.

Before you begin to implement better techniques, it may be wise to start by reviewing your current practices; step back and really assess what is actually going on in all facets of your business. Ask yourself questions, be inquisitive and take notes. Start to reassess and modify your current plan if you want to improve it.

Adding a new strategy to your business structure will require you to know how much of a budget you have to act on new practices. As a restaurant executive, your best bet will be to invest in a strategy that will bring profit to your restaurant. The next goal is to think—outsourcing.

At TSD Global, we have been able to carve out a restaurant call center niche that rakes in more money for restaurants through up-selling.

First things first, become aware and realize what budget you are willing to spend to obtain a new calling department. When you do the math, the up-selling pays for the outsourcing service plus more; if you’re strategizing right.

If you are wondering, is a restaurant call center right for your business? Then you should probably let the following statements resonate. 

  • Employees inside of your restaurant could be missing your call-in orders, this means wallets are taken elsewhere.

  • Let’s face it, your workers in-store are most likely getting paid minimum wage; or close to it, they have no incentive to up-sell or their hands may be too tied up to answer the ringing phone. 

  • At TSD Global, our main intention is to treat customers with 100% professional satisfaction, to never miss a single call, to always hear with noise-cancellation headphones, and to up-sell food ticket orders. 

  • It is wise to outsource a restaurant call center as calling agent up-selling rates increase the order size of each ticket by 18%; bringing your sales and profits to a higher bracket. 

  • Restaurant call center agents are specifically trained by sales, customer service, and phone professionals with scripts that have proven to work from past success rates. Our customer retention rate is 75%, while we offer 100% satisfaction.

  • Each phone representative uses noise-canceling headphones that help everyone hear on both lines; no interruptions will ever occur, and zero food items will be left unheard, while more savory tastes from your restaurant will be sold.

  • Of course, labor costs a lot these days and will continue to inflate as the years unravel. Restaurant executives need to analyze the current pay model and cut areas that aren’t working. Next, add these funds to a different strategy that brings in more profit; this should be every restaurant executives goal. 

  • When you spend on outsourcing services, you will want to look at every dollar spent as an investment, with an intention to procure more business.

  • You also need to make sure that you properly prioritize each upgrading task needed by the level of importance. Of course, a restaurant call center should be a number one priority, considering profits always follow along. 

An article on Upserve mentions that “efficiency translates into staying in power.” If you want to continue to stay on top of your restaurant chain game, then you will need to implement innovative ways to evolve by continuously staying progressive with your entrepreneurship endeavors.

We’ve partnered with Firehouse Subs, TGIF Fridays, Marcos Pizza, Hooters and many more Fortune 500 restaurants.

As a restaurant executive, it is wise that you open your mind to outsourcing a call center to further company ROI.

Grow your business and become savvier with new restaurant trends in the year 2019. For more information about TSD Global, click here to learn how we continue to help customers around the globe optimize sales and enhance service and support.


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